My Foxxy Fitness Journey by Tanner Lantz

Hi! I’m Tanner! Kendra asked me to write about my fitness journey over the last year. My first response was “oh shit…” That encompasses so much! Ups and downs, wins and losses. It feels like I’m a whole new person since this time last year!

Cut to February 2019. I was an “unlimited monthly” member for a yoga studio near my house. Similar to the planet fitness memberships in years prior, I started out good, but eventually succumbed to the inevitable of paying hefty monthly fees to NOT workout. Big surprise. Then the studio posted about doing an 8-week intensive bootcamp program. I looked at the Facebook post hundreds of times contemplating it. I mentioned it to my husband almost every day for a month. Was it worth the extra money? Would I feel more obligated to go? One day I finally said, ‘screw it!’ and signed up. I was so proud of myself! Then the dread set in. I had made a terrible mistake. I didn’t know how to work out! I literally hadn’t been forced to since maybe 9th grade! I looked up the trainer and saw Kendra’s portrait and was instantly terrified. I can’t do a push up! She’s going to hate me and think I’m a disgusting slob! I am so glad to say that I couldn’t have been more wrong!

On March 15th, 2019 I met Kendra for the first time. I walked into the studio and felt a chill; I was so nervous! That day was just measurements and a skills assessment to see where we were. First test, push-up...goose egg for me. I was so worried Kendra would sneer at my lack of any strength whatsoever, but she didn’t. She nonchalantly mentioned that it wasn’t a big deal. We’re just seeing where I’m at and there are always modifications. THERE ARE ALWAYS MODIFICATIONS!!! I didn’t know this stuff before! No one accommodated to my skill level and made me feel okay with where I was at before. Moving on to the next test, a 3-minute step up to the sound of a metronome. 1 minute in I was exhausted. Kendra saw that I was struggling and told me to switch it up and just march in place. She didn’t make me feel singled out or terrible, but instead encouraged me to do what I was comfortable with! It was amazing. I got home that day and told my husband how I was so sore, but excited for what was to come! Now, let me express that I am NOT a morning person at all! For 8 weeks though, I got up at 6am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and went to bootcamp with Kendra. I loved it! It went by faster than I expected and by the end of the 8 weeks I was really going to miss it. I had also made crazy improvements too, losing more than 15lbs!

It was May by then and luckily, I didn’t have to wait long before pairing up with Kendra again. In July she posted that she would be doing her own Foxxy Fitness 8-week bootcamp starting in August. I instantly signed up, no hesitation this time! August 5th, we did our measurements and assessments. Push-ups. This time 10! I mean yay, but I felt guilty for celebrating something that seemed so small. “There are people who can do 100+!” the nagging voice in my head would say. Kendra shushed that though! She was so proud of how far I’d come and made sure to let me know what a big win that was! She’s always there to celebrate your improvements and make you celebrate too! During our next 8 weeks there were so many things that I had said “Yeah right Kendra, I could never do that…” …but then DID! Step ups on the ‘box’ the hard way! Sit-ups! We worked out and worked hard, but it was so much more than that. We celebrated and had fun! It wasn’t ever a burden, but something I looked forward to doing! After 8 weeks, me and many of the other women that go to Kendra said “sign us up through the end of the year!” I’m so happy to say that has continued into 2020 as well!

Throughout our time together the “Foxxy Fitness” group has grown so close. To me it’s more than just a workout class. It’s a community of ladies who are there to lift you up and celebrate! They’re there to cheer on your wins and even curse the losses. We literally give each other gold stars on days where we really push ourselves! We gripe when things are hard, but we do them and do them TOGETHER. It makes it fun!

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