How To Do Push Ups!

Many people seem to struggle with push ups and there are many ways to modify them that will help you increase your strength until you are able to perform one properly without modification. The most common modification is to get in a plank position on your toes and hands then gently bring the knees to the mat and lower your body toward the ground by bending your elbows. This is an effective method; however, since I began teaching TRX earlier this year I have found that a better method would be to use the TRX Chest Press to modify.

Today I'm going to be using the image above to explain how you develop the strength for a push up beginning with a TRX Chest Press.

1. TRX Chest Press: Begin by facing away from the anchor and set your plank with hands in the Suspension trainer, elevated on your toes, abs, glutes, and quads tight. Then bend your elbows until they are lined up with your shoulders and press back into the plank position.

2. TRX Chest Press Intensified: Once you master the TRX Chest Press at an elevated position take a small step back. This will decrease the angle and make the exercise a little more challenging. In TRX you master the exercise at your level and then make it more difficult. Eventually you will be doing your chest press facing the ground. Once you are here move to image 3.

3. Push up: You have mastered the TRX Chest Press and can now preform the Push up on the ground. Begin with your body in a plank position, shoulders over your wrists and abs, glutes, and quads tight, bend your elbows back until you are almost touching the ground with your face then extend your elbows until you are once again in a Plank position. Congratulations you met your goal and are now amazing at the push up. If you are looking for a new challenge move to the TRX Push up in image 4.

4. TRX Push up: Place your toes in the foot cradle of the trainer and position your body on the ground facing away from the anchor with feet directly under the anchor. Set your plank and proceed to do a push up with your feet elevated by the trainer.

You have conquered the push up and taken it to a new level of challenging!!



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